1. Firm Details

Name : Date of CCP :
Year of Establishment : Factory license No. Copy :
Address of Reg.Off : NSIC Certificate Copy(if applicabel) :
Phone No. : Value of Plant & Machinary
Fax No. : ISO 9001 certificate :
Email ID : Installed machinery Details :
Address of Conc.Fact : Testing Equipment Details :
Phone No. : PAN/TAN No.
Fax No. : Attach Copy of Pan No./Tan No. :
Email ID :      

2. Nature of Firm

Proprietary/ Partnership/ Private or Public Limited with firm constitution certificates along with past three years Income Tax Returns (Constitution Documents- Proprietary firm registration certification, Partnership Deed, Certification of Registration, Memorandum and Article of Association etc as applicable. Names, addresses and contact details of Proprietor / Partners / Directors to be provided. :

3. Details of Items for registration and registration fee particulars

a) Description of items being manufactured by the company and items / materials offered for registered for supply with rating /description along with relevant IS number. Whether products carry ISI mark. :
b) Details of registration non refundable fees of Rs. vide Cheque / D.D. No. dated issuing Bank . The amount to be separately deposited to respective companies. Application form to contain copy of the proof.


Whether the factory is owned (provide documentary evidence of ownership) or it uses facilities of other company on lease and license basis etc for manufacturing / fabrication of equipments / materials ( valid legal documents ot be enclosed) :

5. Financial Capabilities

a) Name and address of Bankers and Account Numbers along with sanctioned credit facilities (both used an used)
Banker Name :
Banker Address :
Account No. :
b) Total investment Excluding Loan Capital (Attach three year certified copies) :
c) Past three years balance sheet and profit and loss accounts dully certified by statutory auditors :
d) Yearly turn-over for last three years. :
e) Copies of Income Tax Return for last 3 years and latest Income Tax Clearance Certificate. :

6. Supporting Qualification

Type Qualification Attach Proof (if any)
Details of registration with other Power Utilities DGS&D
Other Govt. and Semi-Government Department if any along with proof.

7. Personnel Details

Course Name Stream Board / University / Institute Passing Details (Specialization) Passing Year Division / Grade % of Marks obtained Upload Document

8. Testing Records

Category Yes/No If Yes Since When
a) Is testing record maintained and if so, since when Year : Month : Days :
b) Type tests as per Standards (This is must for registration)


Quality Control Method in vogue in company in general and concerned factory in particular. Proof that Quality in charge person is free from other functions.


Distinguished marks or method employed to identify, materials, if any.


Source of supply of Raw materials(with address)


a) Production Capacity per annum (quantity)
b) Maximum production per annum (in qty. as well as value) achieved so far. Quantity :
Value :


Quantity : Value :
Purchase Details : Order Details :
Quantity actually supllied : Self certified statement
(Attache a copy)


Suspension/ Black Listing: Whether the firm is/was under suspension/ black listing by any power utility, PSU or govt. entity with details. :
If No :


Estimate of stocks of raw material held and the estimated Production on single shift basis from the stock so available. :


Result of sample testing :


Other Remark If Any :